Fables for the Moral Desert Larus Thorhallsson


Published: February 18th 2015

Kindle Edition

223 pages


Fables for the Moral Desert  by  Larus Thorhallsson

Fables for the Moral Desert by Larus Thorhallsson
February 18th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 223 pages | ISBN: | 3.76 Mb

This work consists of 106 short stories about animals, but it is really an allegory about the human nature. It is come up with incredible tales in order to speak the humble truth, as if it were a prophetic voice in the moral wasteland of our times. The animals in the stories can be like an exaggerated version of human qualities, drawn out in various circumstances, so it can finally be analyzed its significance.

It has been aimed to make the stories lively and diverse, where it is dealt with many themes that we all know of in our life. It does correspond to Aesops Fables, although these stories are longer and more detailed. Each story is stand-alone, often only about one page in length, but always with a certain lesson in the end.

It is often a matter of common sense in not being deceived by the lures of this world. For that many men can possess intelligence, but lack good judgment. Both the stories and the message can appeal to the general reader, so it could still be enjoyed the plot of the adventure, even if there would be no message.

But be warned, for that some of the stories are not suitable for children.The stories are often centred upon the unique feature of each animal. Many animals have their special traits and behaviour. For an example then a giraffe is known for its long neck, a skunk for its bad smell, and a crab for walking sideways. But the human people have also implicated animals to certain roles and symbolism.

A loyalty is often ascribed to a dog, nobility to a lion, and treachery to a snake. There are also popular myths which everyone seems to know, although the origin remains uncertain. For an example then it is believed that an ostrich does put its head in the sand, and that a bear does not eat a carcass it stumbles upon.

But experts can disagree with such claims, and prove otherwise. In this work it is put every unique feature into moral context, whether it is real, fictional, or somewhere in between. The story of every animal is somewhat identical to human motivation and practice, to be encouraged for or rebuked.

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